Being whole


A smile
A wink
Are yours always

Self worth
Are the keys of your understanding

For me you are always given

For which attributed my care for you
My youngling is here with me
Appreciation of life is taken
Smiling all the way.


Use yourself


Have i long for you so much my dear Hugin
So much time spent pondering
Have i succumb so much of

That it became such things upon my past path
Its a swollen hemisphere of this lobe if touch it
Would it hemorrage
Could it just constrict
Never bleeds on my shoulder.

Nevermore then
I shall use my Munnin
So it is more easier than before
At least to partake of the logic and the time of
My sentence from where the past
Is my own biblical record in which
I will make my own
Decisions and act upon it
And make my life
As mine to make.

Nuevo Nutricional de divinia semana santa

I was very lucky enough to raised roman catholic by heritage. But alongside with me growing up on two different continents,southeast Asia and Northern America. Although in my past I have filtered and sorted myself from my adopted religion by heritage. I am Christian by heart and a Viking order by my hands.

Sacrifice means to me that which needs to be a reason why we change, not by semantics or old didactic ways of passages of rites.

Yes I do honor and respect that catholic holy week,yet how can you eat where survival and nutritional value of real food.

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Working Hero


I’d rather have another movie of Steve Rogers being a renegade of his system,because his talents skills and abilities are amplified. Like Peter Parker’s original mark up of his teenage to college life. In the early days of 1995 to 2004, i was heavily inspired by realistic marvel knights of the marvel comics universe. It started when i used to subscribed to Punisher,Daredevil and the late Transformers that was marvel’s content from 84 to 89.

In addition of the life,love and career of Captain America, it seems to fit the reality of men and women in the servicemen of the world.

Id like to see Marvel back again at new characters that deals with real life basis than all these mutants and other meta humans.

Captain America,Spiderman,Punisher,Daredevil
All rights reserved by Disney
Under Marvel comics universe

Look up


In your darkest cobalt
I am so pale in pain with my headaches

At your eye of your vermillion before going aquamarine
I am bowing at your horizon and serenity comes over

Hecate,Demeter,Diana are my consolation with Nott at my side
All of them are you for you were always there at aldeberan’s sight

Then to the east i cater when head dawn
Where Eureus and Boreal Kimono and geisha would greet me
A sight of clapping bamboo and hard wood be my gaiden

Wherever i am you are there
Whenever i need of you will always be
For your love never stops.

The balance shifts into place when a person honors the one before him who gave, “Sacrifice”
and never stops advocating honest living with responsibilities far beyond measure.

Enter the gates of Gethesemene. Into the fray of the doubtful disciples.

3-23-16: where sleep never sleeps but sorrow doesnt.

Holy Wednesday. 2016.

Co – existance


Bob Kane and Bill Finger started a personality of a vindicated adolescent individualitic crusader. It began as a criminology 110a. But where does it end in the editors chair.

I’d rather have Wayne take his mantle and shove it and leave it behind it just harbors a crusade where justice is taken by its trail. It is that reality mock up of Batman’s life in a nutshell. Joker,Riddler and the rosters of criminal minds will always be there. Infighting will always be there where it lies. Meta-human,mutant,expletives and boosted heroes are nothing but devices of hero worhsip and it leads to idolatry. I know its only a movie,character, a drawn comic book character. Some people make it a big deal, because they can not find their own. Thus this hero worship.

Vigilantism has its merits, but its still self defence in its core.

All rights reserved 2016

Why even bubble

For which it is
When blowing half past
Purple, can it be more bigger.

Big bubbles burst yet small one
Wither and remains unknown
With it’s anonymity.

Leaves someone breathless
Beguiles with fantastical concept



Dipping into eternal waters
I see nothing but blanc and noir
And as i come up

Colored bows
Myriad of multiversed hues
Upon saturations and its contrast

Yet it seems the deepest ivory black is much more
Than ebony

In so doing the gray of my grey is no silver but just plain white



As year 0 began from 2013,
We three always be
Mami butch
Dadi too

Once we are
Always will be
And never fall
Coz each one of us
Are linked