More than meets the eye



Of all fictionalized planets
I may have boosted Cybertron.

It is the setting where drones became androids into thinking machines. Asimov coined the self preservation of the programming of robotics itself in the second commandment of his Robotics.

If Megatron did contribute to the existence of his faction. He did it so he can be of service to all cybertronian lifeforms. In the myth of Primus and Unicron from the Marvel alternate Universe. It was depicted that this two planet beings, came together as opponents. In so doing brought life in the Alpha Centauri constellation.

In reality Robotics can reproduce asexually from its bare component of binary and assembly programming, thus artificial intelligence is never far.

The components of robotics as follows: programming, chipset and framework. In a mainboard there are only two generators, the input from which programming is embedded and the output to which all connectors are with the limits first RAM and ROM.

When Orion Pax did admit to his friends that Megatron is a great Leader of all life in Cybertron. When Orion was transformed into Optimus Prime by Alpha Trion. Prime was nearly industructible as Megatron, and this was the last age of awakening of Autobots  from where two factions in Cybertronian history. Autobots and Decepticons.


In lieu of all this I would like to invite anyone to watch the real movie from 1986.
1986 TFTM

Maybe I am being nostalgic or very attuned into the animated movie or the tv series.
It made an impact of what my perceptions then and now, of all things gathered. It is my responsibility as fanatic first and been transformed into what I believe in; that is we must unite for a better cause, and never waver on the things of all life that seems unreal, and day to day, Life is “more than meets the eye”.

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Alpha Centauri is very near to Milky way, our constellation.



How far can you make yourself
When all things are not what it seems.

When do we start acting
What can we do as one
To be as a whole not just being alone.

Therefore what must i do
To tell you that
Change is nothing.

Daily living changes everything coz the moment we take a step
Outside of our persona
Outside of our doorstep
Outside of our selves.

And those things;
Changes a minute into hours
And onto the years to follow.

Shining smile

Silly smile

Once there is a shadow
A shadow of my own
Smiles upon smiles

A didactic life of sorrow
Was always there
A big influence on me
Was you

Yet another remain
The real one who made it possible
From her
She was the only one who could have been
Without her there would be no light

A light passed on through him
A light shining with him
A light in him
That is an eternal
Passed through my maternal mothers before her

Love is
Was always with me

Forgiveness is such a word
But laughter is much way more better

Smiling with care


Personally i am nothing but an artist
A dying breed
Where miyamoto preached
Where Lee left.

Hey what do i care
I am only a servant to my own
When love gave me you.

I found the art of life,
In there we are mere colors
Swirling in our emotions

I held you
You still are
Will always be

Now we are here in our seclusion
Isolated in our happiness
Intwined with a dear flower
Phoebe is that flower that we call

Damaged beyond relief



Just like mine.
Wait ahead
A clearing at the edge of the cliff
Daedalus dont ever dare push me off

Please my dear Mercury dont lift me
I will see to this.
I will and own to mine.

Dont bother

The path to which that preceded before
I am that rock that keepeth rolling
That Sissyphus never bothered to removes

Atlas, Herakles go ahead brag of your cross and earth to bear
I bear and bring my own
So i can come to Golgotha

And weep among the meek
Not of his sacrifice
Not because i sympahize

Because i am reminded
That all we are
A vengeful idiots
That are ignorant of our own

And still keep doing
Either we know or dont

A condition that is still here in my head
But not in my heart.

In your eyes


A long time ago, i held you only in my hand.
A memory that couldnt even fathom
Your face imprinted on my mind,heart
Each passing night to years i have not seen
But when i held you that moment
I knew you are and were the only one
Who could understand
Who could know me
And the one who made me happy
Coz all my life i sought not to be
Forsook my marriage to my art
Risked every bit of me and my life
Just to be with you

Now you are here
I am yours fully
Yet still a mystery with your eyes
A mystery of your illusionary past
A face
A smile
A distant memory

Everyday though
A new one
With you
And our
Flower that is wild and free.

Love is the word i keep utter
When all else fails
Coz when you fall
I crumble
When you smile
I fly
When your tears flow
I ache

Love has nothing on us
Coz baby
U r mine to be

Life is always with us
And the Lord above us gave us
Each other