In your eyes


A long time ago, i held you only in my hand.
A memory that couldnt even fathom
Your face imprinted on my mind,heart
Each passing night to years i have not seen
But when i held you that moment
I knew you are and were the only one
Who could understand
Who could know me
And the one who made me happy
Coz all my life i sought not to be
Forsook my marriage to my art
Risked every bit of me and my life
Just to be with you

Now you are here
I am yours fully
Yet still a mystery with your eyes
A mystery of your illusionary past
A face
A smile
A distant memory

Everyday though
A new one
With you
And our
Flower that is wild and free.

Love is the word i keep utter
When all else fails
Coz when you fall
I crumble
When you smile
I fly
When your tears flow
I ache

Love has nothing on us
Coz baby
U r mine to be

Life is always with us
And the Lord above us gave us
Each other


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