Breeze in


Weather is my weapon
It cries and i smile
It radiates;  i get vaped
It flourishes; i am encircled

You of all warmest at winter
Cold at summer
In spring i coil
At fall; i clean

I love it
Coz weather is the emotion of  my tenses
I am with it
When my monster
Fails to see me through

I am with it coz
I know i feel it

To you mighty one
I give thanks
To you my brother
I give love and recieve it

All the angels of trees
I hear you
I see you
I love you.

Thank you


A cause in effect



This is the real basis of the character of a true Decepticon.
Although the piece is used in WWII. Megatron’s mark and model in the toy is much more better than the real model. A innovaton of the Decepticon tech was its Macrotech. Soundwave and its casettes used this. Macrotech was used in the real world microchip industry from late 30’s to early 70’s. Bill Gates,Wozniack and Jobs wanted nothing but to make the computing powers into a good size so to speak. In the years to follow it kept to the smallest chip that can be utilized only to power one pc board.

Macrotech concept in the TV series of Transformers: from 9 foot robot into a palm sized object so it can be utilized by the user so it can hide from plain sight. Soundwave abused this so much it was his habit. Megatron used it to his advantage first to hide then for he glory first to himself then for the dynasty of the intergalactic force of”Decepticons”


In my opinion a villain or enemy defines the hero, through which the hero must overcome and battle that source of negativity. In all hero myth/quest stories from mythology and theology itself. A character places him/herself in a situation where the opposing side has to do battle so to speak in order for them to grow into each other or must become mortal enemies always.

Megatron advocates true leadership. Maligned,maladjusted and a true megalomaniac but true to his ways of a good cause. A cause in his early career to upset and thwart the masters in so doing, influenced his subjects to be not afraid for themselves but to which they needed be controlled first then to control their path. A cause of true rebel in his cause to destroy first the control of Quintessons, but in his rise to power, no matter what kind of being it is, corruption is and always be the downfall of absolute power.

“Look not for the real reason of a leader, but to which what he intended for his peers and the company s/he keeps and keeps them in line and controlled for a purpose.”- OAM

Blackness of the soul


Infernal screams

Destruction of your soul

Beautiful blackness
Abyssal eyes
Tormented through your corruptions

Nine there were
Rings of old
Bound by one, blinded by one

That which cannot be undone
Which only a gardner
With his sheer mighty will
For a faith undying
A friend to the end

Can you ever see that in your eyes
That you stabbeth thee
Thine blade took one unyielding breath and forsook its veins

Of all
No man at all
A woman ended you
A woman stood by her paternal sight
One voice
“I am no man”



Time does fly
But when its you
I see nothing but joy

Time flies
Its no fun at all when your fingers grow
So as your pampers
It seems it was only at 29.99 now at 59.99

Yet one fact remains
My love will never die
My love of you is unending

Go ahead try me at my best
At my worst
Coz Bheng
You are mine
To always to mold
In the years to follow
Only to hold
Maybe on a day
I shall walk with you

Teary eyed and trust someone to care of you
No matter what will happen
I am at your side

Charging dead on


Head on
I go on
With all my charges

Stubborn still born
Keep going till i ram my head dead on

As i fall
Head aches
As i crumble
My face in pieces

With your hand on my tummy
I am your boy
With you looking without touching
I am yout servant

Is this really happening
Coz i am such as stubborn as you are



In your dead eyes
I see nothing but a puppet
I am
I would be
Will always be
Your Master
Whether now and then

You are mine to begin with
I am nothing without my children
You are the first
And wouldnt be last

I am your lordship wherever i am near you
I become you when i am far

For now you will be mine
Forever i am not
For now i am your marionette
Strings for your web
Of lies
Maligned deceptions and will never be among them



Of all fictionalized planets
I may have boosted Cybertron.

It is the setting where drones became androids into thinking machines. Asimov coined the self preservation of the programming of robotics itself in the second commandment of his Robotics.

If Megatron did contribute to the existence of his faction. He did it so he can be of service to all cybertronian lifeforms. In the myth of Primus and Unicron from the Marvel alternate Universe. It was depicted that this two planet beings, came together as opponents. In so doing brought life in the Alpha Centauri constellation.

In reality Robotics can reproduce asexually from its bare component of binary and assembly programming, thus artificial intelligence is never far.

The components of robotics as follows: programming, chipset and framework. In a mainboard there are only two generators, the input from which programming is embedded and the output to which all connectors are with the limits first RAM and ROM.

When Orion Pax did admit to his friends that Megatron is a great Leader of all life in Cybertron. When Orion was transformed into Optimus Prime by Alpha Trion. Prime was nearly industructible as Megatron, and this was the last age of awakening of Autobots  from where two factions in Cybertronian history. Autobots and Decepticons.


In lieu of all this I would like to invite anyone to watch the real movie from 1986.
1986 TFTM

Maybe I am being nostalgic or very attuned into the animated movie or the tv series.
It made an impact of what my perceptions then and now, of all things gathered. It is my responsibility as fanatic first and been transformed into what I believe in; that is we must unite for a better cause, and never waver on the things of all life that seems unreal, and day to day, Life is “more than meets the eye”.

Transformers are registered by Hasbro
1982 Takara Toys
1983 Marvel Comics Group
1984 Sunbow and Marvel Studios
1988 Hasbro toys

2016 all rights reserved and copyrighted by Hasbro LLC


Alpha Centauri is very near to Milky way, our constellation.



How far can you make yourself
When all things are not what it seems.

When do we start acting
What can we do as one
To be as a whole not just being alone.

Therefore what must i do
To tell you that
Change is nothing.

Daily living changes everything coz the moment we take a step
Outside of our persona
Outside of our doorstep
Outside of our selves.

And those things;
Changes a minute into hours
And onto the years to follow.

Shining smile

Silly smile

Once there is a shadow
A shadow of my own
Smiles upon smiles

A didactic life of sorrow
Was always there
A big influence on me
Was you

Yet another remain
The real one who made it possible
From her
She was the only one who could have been
Without her there would be no light

A light passed on through him
A light shining with him
A light in him
That is an eternal
Passed through my maternal mothers before her

Love is
Was always with me

Forgiveness is such a word
But laughter is much way more better