Tongue lashes by a great fold
My last and first friend
My dear Bugoy

My great years ago
When I was with you
When my real hope
Was ever me and you

And when I came home that very day
One  memory remain
Your Tongue and you
Made a difference in me.



16 I communed with mine own heart, saying, Lo, I am come to great estate, and have gotten more wisdom than all they that have been before me in Jerusalem: yea, my heart had great experience of wisdom and knowledge.

Shared from

Holy Bible Offline 2.1.1


How can you know your own,when you do not know yourself anymore?

In all dealings with the self. Ego,id,alter ego,logic,reason,validity and justifications are the rulers of thine self. What alters or is it something that goes unchanged.

In the tale of Odin’s twilight, he knew he is going to be killed at the heart of Ragnarok. He foresaw what that which cannot be changed.
He secured Vili and Ve,he knew that of aesir and Vanir will be wiped out.
In that information alone, he wanted to cheat death itself. But he didnt.

It reminds us, that which is the spirit can make yourself be wise enough first to know yourself,and when you do. You will see what you can do with what you can make for your own immediate future, or to foresee what you project.

For you


Your grace alone was my spirit
Your love alone is  my guidance
Your compassion is my inspiration

Without you I would not be here
In Honor
With Love
In time

Mother you were the vessel
Mother you are
You gave me
My uniqueness
My originality
My own life to make




In the time spent

the ones we wanted in our lifetime

Never is and never will be ours to make


Things arise, fall and in twilight

But to those, who made it all possible

It is to you my dear old family

Without you

I would not be here in this realm of




These are my treasure that makes me




Why do we need to find out
That other people
Capable to  understand
Be more giving
Have more love
Than your own immediate family

Family is nothing
When  nobody talks
Family can be
Where learning grows
Family is
The ones  you keep

Young padawan


My young  one

Unto  the sky
Into  sea
Your eyes alone
Melt in his Glory
Never waver
Nor Falter

In  his  name you  will  come to  know
Someone here needs you
Wants u
For their love
Encompasses everything

For your health
For  your life
Is  and will always be
With your family

Dedicated to Jeremiah Sharp
From  someone  down under  here  where  nice  people live
In Van Nuys sunny California
For  Chad,Lonie,Jordin and Charlene(liea) Jeremiah(luke)
The Force  is  strong  with this one.

Turtle vs rabbit


In case  it  rains I have  a good buggy:Gavin
Yeah right, you will be so  slow and me I’d  be  zooming  in and out of the parking lot: phoebe

Which one would be the best stroller among the two?

Gavin boasts so much of his sweet ride,yet phoebe brags the quickness of that umbrella stroller.

Let’s compare.

Yes the left has all the amenities of the being the best but it will encumber the one who will do the pushing .  The right, yes  it does have the agility and yes its price range goes up to 30 dollars.

Waah, goo goo


I will keep on going
Til I get up
And  make sure
you are looking at me

I will keep your affection
Away  from anyone  but me

And  will always get that wallet
Bone dry
In debt
And cards maxed

Coz i need food
I need  milk
I need my pacys
I need  mostly
My pampys