Critical visions :Ascent =Libris de Vida



I am given  shelter and comfort
She  comes to  me
Stark illuminated
Flawless unimaginable
Body  in motion

We are  given ample time to  be with  each other
Before I  present myself to  the  judge  of my peers

Oh sweet love,
My dear love
Can I stay like to  this

My Ollie bear
My baby
I wish  it so
But  we have a  task for you

I see  her  monalisa smile
Anything  for you my beloved

Change,bathed and shaved
I come  down  only to see
My loved ones greeting me
And I  saw  them all
Greeting  me as if they want
Wishing  me
To be with them

A voice called  out to  me
A huge smile  upon his face
An embrace  like  no other  can give
An assuring  pat on the  back
And a dear light peck  of a  kiss on the hair

“You  choose  well down there
Gave  him  respect
Listened  to him
At least  you  of all people
Knew  what  he can do

But now that everything has come to  pass
Come meet  Peter  at the garden

Go on, shoo I’ll talk to you  after”

Slowly he pulled  away and I came to the  garden

“Come  hither,  tarry not
It’s only  brief
Come my dear child.

In your life
You  were  born
As I tiger
Always  fighting
Within yourself
Always  fighting
A good  fight

But  your trials
Will always be  yours

Look and see
You  have done  well
To keep it
Held it
And inspired  others

Always be  yourself.
That is  yours  and your  time  has come to  an end.
You  have to come  back
To them
Coz her life
Your light
Your joy and happiness
Needs you  more than  ever.”

A light  touch came to  my back

Kuya Paul

We hugged
We smiled
It was him
He pulled  me out time  and time  again



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