Critical visions : Descent = parley


Ahh my dear boy,
Your Lolo gave you something right
It’s ok
Here is a napkin
Please respect me enough to talk to me

I am handed a luminous vermillion handkerchief
I spat out the piece
Gives respect
For the time being

I cannot and will not influence you nor convince you
Of things I want for you
I cannot and will not be able to make you deals upon which lies upon
Your decision or your voice to hear

But I will say to you when I spoke with Adam before he was in conception.

“When can you see this race will never be in control
When can you hear this race will never be contented
When can you feel their love for you when everything has their hold”

But you of all time and of all everything in existence
You of all people
A speck
A dot
A single molecule

Gave me enough reason to believe that I have ascended
In my ranking
In my right
In communicado with my peers

Honestly my dear friend
My ally
You were the one who gave me ascension and at least
be heard

Truthfully Oliver
I wish nothing to you
Don’t worry so much of things

I once bet on a single soul
His faith in him
Is yours
When I saw that in you
Id never bet again
Coz I know
you are you

He places an emblem
Star of David

He will come for you
Wait for him
Here a token from me

I feel something cold
Yet very assuring
In winters lament
A soothing cold comes from the feet

My dear child, ally, Oliver tarry not for he will come to you
Never forget
” Do not Worry”


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