Critical visions : Descent = Discussion


A smile
A wink
A scent
Of this wretched fruit
From which Persephone had been trapped
From which season comes and goes

Hades, Hel and Anubis
Comes in view

Hades asks
Come join us
Let’s partake

Come my dear
You can touch me anyway you want me

Good sir, please join us for some good memories

Fellow companions of the underworld,  I ask nothing in return but I need to go now
Where is my waiting room?

A familiar face came up and says to me
My dear grandchild let me help you
My grandfather m dear old grandpapa
I wanted to hug him
No please,  never do that here
I want you to know that you are wanted
Come walk and be silent

As I have did when he was still was beside me
Always I have to be

He placed me just outside and I see a fir tree
He asked me one last
Take this apple
Bite once
Never swallow
Keep chewing
Never swallow
Don’t spit

Abruptly I am in front of a tree
Enormous, gigantic and humongous
A figure stood up and slowly came to me
I bit


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