Critical visions : Descent=Ignorance



The path of life in which we all traverse
We know that all there is of our own universe
We know not all there is to make our life
Given time we forsake all the knowledge to know and not

Dante is silent
Canto sits by his left
Virgil speaks
“All hope is what we have
Of heaven
Not of hell”
“Enter your hallowed
Halls into the hell
While I  appear when you want
Not need
But in need can’t be
Only your own can be”

Canto barks and sings a whine
Dante in stern mood swings
“Put everything in strides
Dont ignore your foolish pride
We’re here
Ignorance is the law here
If you ever consider
You will be lost
You will be one
Of them
Must learn ignorance
Never use it
Only to be
Focus on Canto
Dont be astrayed.

I hear a faint memory of love lost
A time where I was at my infancy
How I wish I can see
But must not give to yearn
There she was
Full of vanity
Voracious body
In three faces
She comes to me

I wanted to see,  but nonetheless the rule of Dante
Full ignorance of lust, love and lost in one
I seek nothing to be in time for the appt.

I hear Rico saying, I need you.
Alba saying, take me.
Ariston, stops me

All of them stark naked at my feet
Clawing through my pants
Wanting to give me what, I wanted of them.

Cannot,  would not
I swing with my stick
And ask them

“Forgive me for I know not the love I wanted, nor friendship nor your bed
You three I have loved and hated myself the love I gave, so please
I give peace and forgive me for I know not the meaning of what love meant when I was with you. ”
Canto, Dante, Virgil looked at me and gave me a nod and asked me to hurry up


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