Critical visions : Descent = Lust


Dante was once lost in it
Virgil never wanted nothing from it
Canto sees with his groin and kept stopping in defecation and insatiable need to pee every leg of women
Row upon row of
Blonde, redhead, Brunette and shaved wax dreams of men
That seemse not to end and kept asking
We need it
We want it
We will milk you
Until your
Imminent death

Sirens of Circe
Flawless beauty
Boobs that won’t quit
And lips that never ends

I am within the candy store
How I wanted at least to lick each flavor
But the appt
Is much more crucial to me than any of these
Sweet sweet flesh upon I can lay and beguile me
A face struck me
I dare no ignore
Dante whispers: Tarry not but I give you 3 the most, meet up after Into the clearing, please we only have time alloted, if not, you will join pain and pleasure to its maximum capacity
Thus an eternal life of existence and bone dry misconception.

The face
The body
Venus like
Asks me
“Once you were mine
Shunned me
Coz of flesh
Your mind was mine.

I want you now
Real quick
Submit to me
Eat me

I see the three in steady pace
I took the stick
Held it with all my might and saw a real solid vision of my love
My beloved
And tell

“Yes I was
But now
You are nothing more but
Any old paper.

Then I ran quickly as possible almost out of breath into the path of the bolgias of life


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