Critical visions :Ascent = Enlightened


As my Kuya gives me  assurance that he will  always be  with me
Four  animals  came  rushing  forth
My  dear bugoy leaps  and  lick me till I get  back  up
My lady  Brigit comes beside me and stays
Brunhilde comes  from the back and lightly  pounced on bugoy and played then came up to  my face  and slurped me  at my right  cheek.
Lastly Delilah came out from the air and repeatedly saying”Wowowee”

I am truly blessed to have my familiars, my four  sweet  lovely  favorites of my life.
With  Kuya Paul smiling and  very easy to be  with.

A sound boomed with  it, my peers vanished
A good voice  came out of light
Papa Ben: welcome  home
Nay Pay: Kamusta na anak
Tito Teddy: How are you Oliver?

Thoughts  and memory  once shared in the  past, now all at once given and passed through  me.
The voice  again  came from behind  me, the true voice  of  salvation and redemption.
“Come  let  us  go to the records  room, there you  need to  sign  something
With  a breeze
With  a whisk
I am in a room filled with  books  upon  books
“Come hither my  dear Oliver
I am he, your steward of  your life
I am he, your conservator from  which you are and  we’re
I am he, your ever  servant of  light.

Please  sign, just to  know
That  ye are,were, and be of
This plane

I am handed  a quill with nothing to dip on
But used it  and signed

“You  just  signed  an affirmation
In the  days hereafter
You  will  have
Nothing but  consolation
And mostly your life
Is and will be
As  one
With us.

She told you we have a task for you,
That is
You must always
1. To take care first of yourself.
2. Love those who are with you and also forgive them always, never forget them ever.
3. With all  your heart, all  your might, never ever ever give up on the important people that you  value.
4. Lastly be you. From which you can only be free from any thing. Be truthful for yourself. Never let them see you sweat,be bitter, and cry. Your love is your strength.

I love you my dear brother,friend  and my instrument of my peace.
I give you peace, may you have peace always.

A voice  came to  mind, I am very happy and much  pleased
And this voice came with two beings
Uriel and Gabriel
Came first
Smiles joyous smiles
Passed  through me
Raphael and Gabriel
Pats  my left  and right shoulder
Raising me
From  a point where none can follow
Immeasurable light upon light
Came and struck me every  sinews  of me
Pain came and went like no other
A good pain
Face came out of the invisible plane
A flaming  sword  in the right
Scales at left
Ushered and served me with  authority
A smile on  his face, with sijo on his left

“Take this with care, mind your thoughts
And always train”

Michael and Sijo Lee gave a very good  smirk
Sandalphon came and walked with me
Metatron Looked at me
Never smiled but with an unyielding compassionate eye
Stared  back at them
and  knew
I am home
My divine home.
Lastly a familiar sound
A familiar  voice
A presence like no other


One word he uttered
As he once did
In my youth


I was awoken by a kiss
Once given to Juliet
Once taken from Brunhilde
Given by princes  of old

It is said by Romeo
“Thus with a kiss I die”

But this  kiss
I am whole

She is  here  beside me on my right, as I get  up feeling good
She is finally home.

A dream, no.
A reality, no.
A vision, no.

A mission, yes
Only  to fulfill the rules of  which is signed and willing to abide by it.

The descent and ascent of my soul came to pass in a single lifetime
Only to which I am responsible for.

I bid you all a good  Christmas my dear friends here  in the  realm of WordPress,digital domain and the net. May the force always be  with us, and his message of love encompasses everything that  we do, here on in. May we of mankind be more giving to  each, in Christ we are one. “Until the day, Til all are one”- Optimus Prime.