Critical visions :Ascent = Enlightened


As my Kuya gives me  assurance that he will  always be  with me
Four  animals  came  rushing  forth
My  dear bugoy leaps  and  lick me till I get  back  up
My lady  Brigit comes beside me and stays
Brunhilde comes  from the back and lightly  pounced on bugoy and played then came up to  my face  and slurped me  at my right  cheek.
Lastly Delilah came out from the air and repeatedly saying”Wowowee”

I am truly blessed to have my familiars, my four  sweet  lovely  favorites of my life.
With  Kuya Paul smiling and  very easy to be  with.

A sound boomed with  it, my peers vanished
A good voice  came out of light
Papa Ben: welcome  home
Nay Pay: Kamusta na anak
Tito Teddy: How are you Oliver?

Thoughts  and memory  once shared in the  past, now all at once given and passed through  me.
The voice  again  came from behind  me, the true voice  of  salvation and redemption.
“Come  let  us  go to the records  room, there you  need to  sign  something
With  a breeze
With  a whisk
I am in a room filled with  books  upon  books
“Come hither my  dear Oliver
I am he, your steward of  your life
I am he, your conservator from  which you are and  we’re
I am he, your ever  servant of  light.

Please  sign, just to  know
That  ye are,were, and be of
This plane

I am handed  a quill with nothing to dip on
But used it  and signed

“You  just  signed  an affirmation
In the  days hereafter
You  will  have
Nothing but  consolation
And mostly your life
Is and will be
As  one
With us.

She told you we have a task for you,
That is
You must always
1. To take care first of yourself.
2. Love those who are with you and also forgive them always, never forget them ever.
3. With all  your heart, all  your might, never ever ever give up on the important people that you  value.
4. Lastly be you. From which you can only be free from any thing. Be truthful for yourself. Never let them see you sweat,be bitter, and cry. Your love is your strength.

I love you my dear brother,friend  and my instrument of my peace.
I give you peace, may you have peace always.

A voice  came to  mind, I am very happy and much  pleased
And this voice came with two beings
Uriel and Gabriel
Came first
Smiles joyous smiles
Passed  through me
Raphael and Gabriel
Pats  my left  and right shoulder
Raising me
From  a point where none can follow
Immeasurable light upon light
Came and struck me every  sinews  of me
Pain came and went like no other
A good pain
Face came out of the invisible plane
A flaming  sword  in the right
Scales at left
Ushered and served me with  authority
A smile on  his face, with sijo on his left

“Take this with care, mind your thoughts
And always train”

Michael and Sijo Lee gave a very good  smirk
Sandalphon came and walked with me
Metatron Looked at me
Never smiled but with an unyielding compassionate eye
Stared  back at them
and  knew
I am home
My divine home.
Lastly a familiar sound
A familiar  voice
A presence like no other


One word he uttered
As he once did
In my youth


I was awoken by a kiss
Once given to Juliet
Once taken from Brunhilde
Given by princes  of old

It is said by Romeo
“Thus with a kiss I die”

But this  kiss
I am whole

She is  here  beside me on my right, as I get  up feeling good
She is finally home.

A dream, no.
A reality, no.
A vision, no.

A mission, yes
Only  to fulfill the rules of  which is signed and willing to abide by it.

The descent and ascent of my soul came to pass in a single lifetime
Only to which I am responsible for.

I bid you all a good  Christmas my dear friends here  in the  realm of WordPress,digital domain and the net. May the force always be  with us, and his message of love encompasses everything that  we do, here on in. May we of mankind be more giving to  each, in Christ we are one. “Until the day, Til all are one”- Optimus Prime.


Critical visions :Ascent =Libris de Vida



I am given  shelter and comfort
She  comes to  me
Stark illuminated
Flawless unimaginable
Body  in motion

We are  given ample time to  be with  each other
Before I  present myself to  the  judge  of my peers

Oh sweet love,
My dear love
Can I stay like to  this

My Ollie bear
My baby
I wish  it so
But  we have a  task for you

I see  her  monalisa smile
Anything  for you my beloved

Change,bathed and shaved
I come  down  only to see
My loved ones greeting me
And I  saw  them all
Greeting  me as if they want
Wishing  me
To be with them

A voice called  out to  me
A huge smile  upon his face
An embrace  like  no other  can give
An assuring  pat on the  back
And a dear light peck  of a  kiss on the hair

“You  choose  well down there
Gave  him  respect
Listened  to him
At least  you  of all people
Knew  what  he can do

But now that everything has come to  pass
Come meet  Peter  at the garden

Go on, shoo I’ll talk to you  after”

Slowly he pulled  away and I came to the  garden

“Come  hither,  tarry not
It’s only  brief
Come my dear child.

In your life
You  were  born
As I tiger
Always  fighting
Within yourself
Always  fighting
A good  fight

But  your trials
Will always be  yours

Look and see
You  have done  well
To keep it
Held it
And inspired  others

Always be  yourself.
That is  yours  and your  time  has come to  an end.
You  have to come  back
To them
Coz her life
Your light
Your joy and happiness
Needs you  more than  ever.”

A light  touch came to  my back

Kuya Paul

We hugged
We smiled
It was him
He pulled  me out time  and time  again


Critical visions :Ascent


As soon as  I can, I approached a radiance
An overwhelming feeling of serenity
Euphoria is with it


I see  a face
My old beloved
How i missed you so

Lifted  on high
Forever  sleep in my grasp
Awakened by a voice
A voice  that  soothes my soul
A voice i once heard time and again

Critical visions : Descent = parley


Ahh my dear boy,
Your Lolo gave you something right
It’s ok
Here is a napkin
Please respect me enough to talk to me

I am handed a luminous vermillion handkerchief
I spat out the piece
Gives respect
For the time being

I cannot and will not influence you nor convince you
Of things I want for you
I cannot and will not be able to make you deals upon which lies upon
Your decision or your voice to hear

But I will say to you when I spoke with Adam before he was in conception.

“When can you see this race will never be in control
When can you hear this race will never be contented
When can you feel their love for you when everything has their hold”

But you of all time and of all everything in existence
You of all people
A speck
A dot
A single molecule

Gave me enough reason to believe that I have ascended
In my ranking
In my right
In communicado with my peers

Honestly my dear friend
My ally
You were the one who gave me ascension and at least
be heard

Truthfully Oliver
I wish nothing to you
Don’t worry so much of things

I once bet on a single soul
His faith in him
Is yours
When I saw that in you
Id never bet again
Coz I know
you are you

He places an emblem
Star of David

He will come for you
Wait for him
Here a token from me

I feel something cold
Yet very assuring
In winters lament
A soothing cold comes from the feet

My dear child, ally, Oliver tarry not for he will come to you
Never forget
” Do not Worry”

Critical visions : Descent = Discussion


A smile
A wink
A scent
Of this wretched fruit
From which Persephone had been trapped
From which season comes and goes

Hades, Hel and Anubis
Comes in view

Hades asks
Come join us
Let’s partake

Come my dear
You can touch me anyway you want me

Good sir, please join us for some good memories

Fellow companions of the underworld,  I ask nothing in return but I need to go now
Where is my waiting room?

A familiar face came up and says to me
My dear grandchild let me help you
My grandfather m dear old grandpapa
I wanted to hug him
No please,  never do that here
I want you to know that you are wanted
Come walk and be silent

As I have did when he was still was beside me
Always I have to be

He placed me just outside and I see a fir tree
He asked me one last
Take this apple
Bite once
Never swallow
Keep chewing
Never swallow
Don’t spit

Abruptly I am in front of a tree
Enormous, gigantic and humongous
A figure stood up and slowly came to me
I bit

Critical visions : Descent = The feast


My life ebbed as my companions leave me
For I alone must travel the path
My dear friend may the grace of God always be with you
Virgil smiles with his yellow stained teeth
My dear friend I give you the best of everything in here,
May you be able to move straight ahead on
And use every bit of what you will ever need
Dante gives me a good embrace of a good friend
Canto looks up at me
Whines for a bit
And wags uncontrollably
And pants

Farewell good friends
I am here without delay
Without remorse
No refuge

In the pits of my memory
I see no one and everyone
A faint memory and sound
Of my parents
Flashes of them
Their life before me
My conception
The day he left my mom
Then on my day of birth
I see nothing but joyous misery

My life now shown
All the love
All the life
My once was
And the one who shall inherit me

A feast of life
Now it gets colder as I near a malebolgia
I hear something but cannot see

This is not fear I feel
Nor a vision
Nor a touch
But a familiar

It calls, and I am asked to eat sweet pomegranate

Critical visions : Descent = Lust


Dante was once lost in it
Virgil never wanted nothing from it
Canto sees with his groin and kept stopping in defecation and insatiable need to pee every leg of women
Row upon row of
Blonde, redhead, Brunette and shaved wax dreams of men
That seemse not to end and kept asking
We need it
We want it
We will milk you
Until your
Imminent death

Sirens of Circe
Flawless beauty
Boobs that won’t quit
And lips that never ends

I am within the candy store
How I wanted at least to lick each flavor
But the appt
Is much more crucial to me than any of these
Sweet sweet flesh upon I can lay and beguile me
A face struck me
I dare no ignore
Dante whispers: Tarry not but I give you 3 the most, meet up after Into the clearing, please we only have time alloted, if not, you will join pain and pleasure to its maximum capacity
Thus an eternal life of existence and bone dry misconception.

The face
The body
Venus like
Asks me
“Once you were mine
Shunned me
Coz of flesh
Your mind was mine.

I want you now
Real quick
Submit to me
Eat me

I see the three in steady pace
I took the stick
Held it with all my might and saw a real solid vision of my love
My beloved
And tell

“Yes I was
But now
You are nothing more but
Any old paper.

Then I ran quickly as possible almost out of breath into the path of the bolgias of life

Critical visions : Descent=Ignorance


The path of life in which we all traverse
We know that all there is of our own universe
We know not all there is to make our life
Given time we forsake all the knowledge to know and not

Dante is silent
Canto sits by his left
Virgil speaks
“All hope is what we have
Of heaven
Not of hell”
“Enter your hallowed
Halls into the hell
While I  appear when you want
Not need
But in need can’t be
Only your own can be”

Canto barks and sings a whine
Dante in stern mood swings
“Put everything in strides
Dont ignore your foolish pride
We’re here
Ignorance is the law here
If you ever consider
You will be lost
You will be one
Of them
Must learn ignorance
Never use it
Only to be
Focus on Canto
Dont be astrayed.

I hear a faint memory of love lost
A time where I was at my infancy
How I wish I can see
But must not give to yearn
There she was
Full of vanity
Voracious body
In three faces
She comes to me

I wanted to see,  but nonetheless the rule of Dante
Full ignorance of lust, love and lost in one
I seek nothing to be in time for the appt.

I hear Rico saying, I need you.
Alba saying, take me.
Ariston, stops me

All of them stark naked at my feet
Clawing through my pants
Wanting to give me what, I wanted of them.

Cannot,  would not
I swing with my stick
And ask them

“Forgive me for I know not the love I wanted, nor friendship nor your bed
You three I have loved and hated myself the love I gave, so please
I give peace and forgive me for I know not the meaning of what love meant when I was with you. ”
Canto, Dante, Virgil looked at me and gave me a nod and asked me to hurry up

Critical visions: Descent= the boat


The winding road forked into twain
As I listened in and out of the rain
On the right I see and hear Canto barking
Out from the left I see Virgil
At my ear Dante sings his quatrain

At the bay comes a dry grey mist
A stench as time itself rots
A putrid waves of brine comes up
As my nose dies from its stink
Lingering in consciousness
Canto bites me
I awoke only to hear Dante singing in and out of baritone levels

Waves upon waves
Stormy seas as I stare unto it’s hollow eyes
But the boat speeds as any automobile would in a school zone
He says unto me
“Good for you,  this ride is free, coz you have an appointment
With him”