French fries


Oh you
How many fries have you got there

Oh you
A lil missy that is so very cutie

Time flies
While you ran pass by
When you me and mommy laughs

Days go by
As you progress to say good things
As you grow a little higher

My pride
My bheng
My joy
My baby




My celtic warrior
My lil spunk

Oh how I have miss you
I cradled you since you were
I mourned for you that morning

A real spunk when you were growing up
A girl that had a jealous heart

My dear friend, companion
I am honored of the memories

Touch the sky


In the golden age of animation back in 1983-1989 there was a sublime animated movie.  The movie was a real violent animated movie.  I finally got a hold of the 10th anniversary dvd and I still have the disc itself.
              The soundtrack to this movie is and will be always the best for me.  One track that spoke to me so very much,  it speaks of being confident and having the touch to go beyond what you can and cannot do
  This track alone can really touch the sky an never go back down.

Transformers are copyrighted by Hasbro



My valkyrie
Once you have guarded me
Once you have given me joy
Aided me in my days

Your predecessor a mighty one
Whose ferocity compare to none

Alas Brunhilde, my ally
My companion
My valkyrie

I once was your Wotan
You hunted around in and out
The hunting grounds

I am humbled and thankful for days gone by
Now that you are not here anymore
I am saddened
Life must go on
Hopefully you met your seigfried

And I have my family now

Hark all the valkyries
Take thine armor and spear
For the glory of aesir and vanir cometh near
When you enter the halls of einjerhar



Take a pick
This is your buffet
You can lace anything at the tips
Bring me to your knuckles and swing me abode
With this hilt you can swing it like so

With a bow one by one,  if you can make it twain, skilled enough in multiple shot, you can put three in one

Your force, brute strength and heavy upper muscles you can bluntly take heavy damage

Skilled enough with a shield or not, this lil one can adapt to any cut, slash, thrust and strike through any part.



To age is to become more finer than any wine
Maturity has nothing on you coz baby you are still you

I have become more aware that you are you now than before
This heart of mine may it long for you
May it yearn for you
Oh how I love you

Age is a number that we all measure
But baby you are my treasure

I have loved you since then,
Still loving you now
And will love you the same
For ever

Happy birthday my baby.