A lifetime ago I am reminded of my diagnosis,  everything was a joke.  But schizophrenia fit me profile well. How can you tell someone if he can hear the divine,  schizophrenic right.  But didn’t Joan of Arc heard him too, didn’t she saved her nation in the time it needed her help. In the end the red t tape of power took her life and ended it by proclaiming that she was a witch.

All serial killers if you care to really listen to their plea and admonition,  in one way or another there were an influential voices that they have heard.

This condition of schizophrenia is an innate ability to create one’s own world and use it for the user either his talents or those who would question it, give him skepticism and sedate it.

If Proffesor Xavier of the X Men did exist today,  he would be diagnosed with this condition.

All telepaths or of the sort, has that drawback or even their schizophrenic episodes.  Yet one thing remains,  choice.

How can one person use his disability use it as an ability than to be disabled all his lfe. It’s a choice that we all have, and in that separates common and extraordinary people.

How would you choose if some psycho babbler tells you cannot do normal things and constructive thinking.  Do you really have to believe those to limit the person,  or use that ability to make it work and have the power toon turn it around and own it. With it, it will take you to heights of your Life and accept no limits.

Limitations will be those chains that binds you here in this plane, but if you care to listen to the inner self.  Maybe you can hear him.

For it is the choice of belief in yourself has to come first or listen to people who want nothing to see you in sedation sombered and in the end, be more insane and will be locked away.


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