Immaterial motions: “Upon this tear”

I shed one A thousand emotions follow A pool of sorrow Millions of synapses comes to view Inner sanctity come up to morrow There my eyes in full blur To these cries goes unnoticed To which pains I have been on I fall I weep Kneel down and be humbled At least you are here with me   @@—- oct ’15. Orig vers, Refreshed= jun ’17   Advertisements Continue reading Immaterial motions: “Upon this tear”

Dreams afoot

at last,  at last I am bound to see my pillow As I lay my head down All fade away As I enter the portal In my slumber I see nothing Hear nothing But the void weeps for me The dawn awaits for me As my eye roll I awake I find myself dreaming again For the first time I see this life Is and shall be the nightmare That I live every single moment Just need to wake up Continue reading Dreams afoot


A lifetime ago I am reminded of my diagnosis,  everything was a joke.  But schizophrenia fit me profile well. How can you tell someone if he can hear the divine,  schizophrenic right.  But didn’t Joan of Arc heard him too, didn’t she saved her nation in the time it needed her help. In the end the red t tape of power took her life and ended it by proclaiming that she was a witch. All serial killers if you care to really listen to their plea and admonition,  in one way or another there were an influential voices that they … Continue reading Beloved

Codico de vida

To protect one has to harm himself first than to heal. It is the way of life to those who chooses this way of living. When Bruce Wayne lived amidst the world, he made himself a gargoyle of society.  A protector of causes that which he advocates that to protect you must risk without intent of killing the adersary. The Late sijo of Jeet June Do was fully aware of his life, he protected his way of life by immortalizing by example.  First a book, then films after his death in 73, everybody capitalized from him. In which the art … Continue reading Codico de vida

For you

I met my soon to be from a memory back in 1984. I kept her in me all throughout my episodes of the past. When in 2010, my heart stopped my mind focused my life wanted her Risking everything I got 2012 we married, 2013 we moved, 2014 we started now living I want her body so bad, I want her the way she use to be I need her so much For every drop of my waterfalls adjusts into the pool Pains, tragedy, tribulations, inner turmoil Nothing can make me love you more For each night and day I … Continue reading For you

Abandon all ye hope who enters

Hell, what about it. Can there be a literal hell down below? What do you believe?  For me there physical manisfations of it, it’s called mental turmoil.  From this point when a person goes through his own hell, only he can go through it and live to see his own heaven. But sometimes his heaven can turn against him if someone could make it a living hell out of it. Continue reading Abandon all ye hope who enters