Digital drawing, Mythology, Norsk, poetry

Pwm 2a.k1

At the mouth of that wretched cave,

she waits.

at the boulder where she gives none but all her daily love for him.

At times,

they speak of silence. . .

they speak of good times. . .

at the memories of golden days. . .

at the bitter taste of what she could have done or not.

Yet in his defense, he wanted none but all of them were stiff

as Tyr’s metal hand.

as Heimdall’s bluntness of his face.

In spite of it all,

this was no way to live.

He catapulted into a mind of atrocities.

His mind working so he can make that which will make all of them fall.

What twilight of days can amount to single word.


For all of them.

Yes ahh. . .

the poison is not working anymore,

In his head, the poison is there.



®artsydhude 7-18


Digital drawing, poetry

NmV @a3.z1

This moonlight hangs up at the left most corner.

All of that mountainous mood swings 

scattered at the background scattered.

When all of the fluids of myself spread in a riverbed on the foreground.

I stepped back,

I saw none of what I wanted to see,

Yet there is something and someone I see.

It’s not me,

It’s someone I used to hate,

Nonetheless I will not grieve,

I shall not and will not become like him.

Because I know, I am my own again.

Loving and can try to get back where I started.



®artsydhude 7-18


Digital drawing, Dramedy, Parody, poetry, twisties, Whimsy


Paint me a power,

where it is none of my concern.

A glass full of empty lies, deceit and deception,

when its all in my head.

Can it corrupt,

will it be corrupted,

in time a twisted and crooked love of life lights none.

Power does corrupt,

Absolute power is nothing,

without power ad control.

Blindy I see it when Nero,

loved his own  coin.





Digital drawing, Dramedy, Parody, poetry, twisties, Whimsy

NmV @a3.z2

Once upon a time. . .

I saw the sun kissed the moon.

I saw the sky wanted to be with the earth.

They bore each to tears,

Yet years past,

They all have sired their children.

Then men came about,

They all knew one thing to do.

Separate themselves so men 

. . .can try to take care of their children.

. . .destroy what they may touch.





Digital drawing, Drawing/Sketch, poetry

NmV @a3.z3

I awoke to my own cave of wonders.

I awoke to my soaked body,

the dryness of the floor made it possible

that I am whole again.

The light asked me,

Why are you in there.

I replied,

I know not.

It commanded.

Come out,  come out.

From your darkness,

Accept this light I bring.

Bask in my loving arms,

there is phoenix outside asking your name.

So you two can cherish the gift of light

and be burnt in eternal hope,

which this lifetime offers.



®artsydhude 7-18


Digital drawing, poetry, Tolkien

The policy of the heart

What mind can work,

when its fue! is toxic.

What can a heart take,

when its oi! radiates a poison.

Then to take nothing of any cake,

Turn the sugar as an additive 

than be diabetic of it.

Only when those things 

can be a nutrient and supplements

the root of it all;

my attitude and behavior towards

the life I want,

the life I need,

the life I have to take.

the life I need to want and shall stop

all my mind’s journey towards the mountain

of all Balrogs I can face.



®artsydhude 7-18