NsVs 20.aj1

Never a dull moment,

Oh you pain of mine.

Thou you come and go,

as an open sound that bleeds me so.

Then yes,

I know

I am human and alive knowing

you are the one thing never

 denies me your love.


I know you all too well,

you are the devil that resides not just in me,

For all time and of humanity.



®Artsydhude 2020

™Xenobyt LLC

Eye no sea.

Walang pics aqui.


Sino man sa inyo ang mag tanong ako mismo ang magsasabi.

There is no other way to get me, only which my heart can.

Mi corazon dunna care anymore.

As long I dun hurt any of yours,

Please hurt me more. My blindness is far more important to me than anyone.

I will love,

I will cherish,

I am going to be,

Not a hero to no one,

Only to the one who will take care of my underware.