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Can not Reach


and b3 moved


and do not be grabbed


but not hook that cross

Reach your limit

and when you are in it

use it for anything

but do not

take what you think

you can.


Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Bruce Lee

Game of Death

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Thus my drama

comes to a comedy

turns into a dramedy

Have these eyes cried enough

have these ducts swelled enough

but this curl of a lip

would rather smirk and cackle

with Joker

with Loki


I might as well hang out at the tower

and ask Yakko

to go to Del Taco 

While Dot makes a face and Wakko runs in place.


Batobot 2007


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The way of the stink

Sure you have those iron fist

go ahead use any of your stance

The only thing is

would you

could you

get close enough to me 

and i will open these

and lets see if you can take it

let see when you can


but nowehere to hide

as i open

my stench and stink

and you cant even land any of your “fu”.


Batobot 2007


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Masakit man

sa dibdib

sa isip

sa aking mata

at walang makita kundi ang aking luha

Ikaw pa rin ang nasa isip

Ikaw pa rin ang dik dik ng puso

dapat ka bang mahalin

dapat ka bang limutin

at alisin ang 

dapat gawin

dapat isipin

Dahil di karapat dapat na gawin


Maging isang martyr na tao at

Pakumbaba sa diyos

at gawin na lan ang tanging gawain ng isang asawa at ama

Then it is nothing but to be 

responsible for myself first

to be

a person who has no more

love to give to

life to have


It is what it is

you take what you want

you give what you want

nothing more

nothing less,

and yes

I just need

to be

a person who has to be

someone in duty to and for you

That is the main thing

and will ever be . . .


obot assembly 2012


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The night came

and went

and saw me through the dawn

a glimmer in the dark swished

a voice came out the window

waking near 5

but not nearly 6

there i heard the wind:

Come up but dont get up

Come hither i know u do shiver

Gently i shall caress you

my cold sweet dew

here i am

nothing new to you.

My eyes saw a flash

was it blue or white

a hint of taste of air

that which i keep drinking

a slight touch

that cuddled beside me.

Dream came when i awoke

feeling all there is to know

that Night came to my window.


obot assembly 2012


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Deep within my heart

Love was not meant

Lust was always dreamt

In a single moment

that I keep going

with all the women i took for

and gave everyone of them 

a piece from me which

i still make out of every dreams


it took me a lifetime

and achievements from all that of

and never was

yet i still make out of

In a heartbeat  i ask none but forgiveness

coz in a sense i sinned against all them

knowingly i am very appreciative of 

in a way

i wanted to tell


I know the real difference

what is


what is not



obot assembly 2012


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Cherries on my tongue

says none

but asks 

am i sweet enough for you

am i ripe enough for you

did i give that orgasm upon your throat

I say to you oh sweet cherry of mine

Not yet

but soon

when i caress you

gently roll my rough fingers

and when i pluck you from your stem

take out your clothes and took your seed

then throw it just like so

for me

to ravish you

to ravage you

and just eat you 

like so,

But i will wait

unto th3 ground 

i take this

seed and plant and see you 

blossom not here

not today

but i will someday

Lets meet

where we need to

say 2030 in Kyoto,

or maybe even 

in Okinawa

where we will meet

where we can give 

each other

And see you blossom

into a scene

no other guy

can see

no other man can make

only a beauty

that was and is and shall be

that God meant it to be,

see you there.


obot assembly 2012


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When somebody loved me

I know I am not fulfilled

I see I am not ev3n satisified

coz that love was superficial

it was pity and sympathy rolled into a tongue

rolled in the beds

or even a moment of emotional sex

or even an intellectual intercourse


halfheartedly it was

i can even remember the taste of a bitter tongue

that had no choice

but to

make me somebody

that is not even worthwhile to love

without pity

without sympathy

or any of the sort.

I am blind to know and feel

what love

of someone

that can save me from 



obot assembly 2012


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No endย 

in sight that which blurs my face with these and more fluids coming out of two caverns after these 

balls that pours out

All these in one setting

dare i measure how much my palpitations heave with my head caving in then only when i take my leave

when my feet stood on its hairs and stepped on the gravel and sand thus my eyes clear and looked up

while It poured on me and washed away all of this and to know no matter how people keep on taking

and giving, but that which was unseen knows how much no one can see it knows not to give nor take

without emotion but its timing to make a person significant and in its wake make a person important 

to give





without words not action not even a single thought yet it has something far reaching than a womans

touch a voice of a child a companion of a man still make known that it is there not waiting not wanting

in turn it is something may it be said or not

yes it is there. And yes it does want us nor need us but still exist not knowing but it is there.


obot assembly 2012


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“no choice”

pag dinig ko sa iyo

dinig na dinig ko sa iyo

habang tawanan mo ang puso ko

habang tawanan mo ang bigay lahat sa iyo

habang nawalan na ako ng pagmamahal sa iyo

sige pa

tawa pa

hanggang ang aking pagmamahal sa iyo

walang wala na

hanggang dumilim ang puso ko

hanggang sa isang iglap na isumpa ko na

hindi nah

Then i was the one

that had no choice in the matter

that all things that happened 

then and now

you had no choice

then I am taking

that choice

That you still have time

where there

is a matter of everything

before anything

that has no choice.

In the end

I am choosing




Exist as i can

so that this is nothing new to me

that its not what you’d think.