abstract, Digital drawing, Line art, poetry

One to my one.

My will is my ego,

My life is the Id,

what of my wants shall be my desire.

what of my needs will come undone from my own fire.

Hail Prometheus,

Aye Thor,

you of old knew of what can be,

yet in the end.

You loved your death above all else,

so many more can come from.

To me,

I’d rather be awakened,

to sleep forever is and always

what death does.



ยฎArtsydhude 97-18

โ„ข XENOphagz , XenoGrapx

Digital drawing, poetry

. . . once upon a soul,

someone moaned.

An age of what pain offered

a love where and whence it came.

Will you ever leave me,

when I don’t need of anything but your pain,

your loss,

I will always want to love you at your misery,

At least I know,

how to love yours.

When you every time you leave me,

when your done crying, trying and doing

everything you can.