8th step

Come to me,

I’ll come to you.

I will give you my hand,

will you trust me enough,

to accept me,

for what and who I am.

Take me as i would you,

Take me to floor,

who leads who, 

Who wants to,

be as close, just to know and ask “is that a colgate smile?”

So move in and lets dance the love and be in love all the way.


Shift to the left,

Stray to the right,

continue on the path.

I know its been so long to be on the  road to. . .

where the hell is that marker.

Aah my gps.


Damn cheap machines, now if i just follow that north star,

Dangnabit its daytime and i cant find no Mcdonalds in sight.

hmm… where am i going anyway.

Guess im gonna ramble on, and love every minute on this road.

em. prompt u… #007: To ask

“Don’t steal, just borrow” 

-Size of Sorrow, “Everybody loves a happy Ending” Tears for Fears.

Curt Smith.

Go ahead,


We all do it anyway,

since Raphael did the first Mural,

Bonnaroti just did that on a ceiling.

Since Da Vinci used his noggin to concieve,

Then Galileo just improvized that with being astronomically about it.

Are we not all borrowers from it all,

so please,

be at peace,

coz we are all pieces about it.


@rtsydhude ’87-’17. 37 years of the love of drawing